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Kapoya Energy Drink Brochure

Kapoya is actively marketing and branding a healthier lifestyle. Kapoya Premium Energy Drinks are 100% Sugar Free, 100% Taurine Free and have four refreshing, delicious flavor choices.

Nobody forgets the first time they taste Kapoya's Premium Energy Drink! Our original flavor combines the tropical rush of Mango and Passion Fruit, for a unique taste that is sure to keep you fueled for whatever your passion is! Kapoya's premium 8.4 oz. and 16 oz. drinks are lightly carbonated with 80 mg of caffeine per serving and full of essential B-Vitamins.

Our flavors include Mango Passionfruit, Wild Grape, Pink Lemonade, and Blue Raspberry!

Kapoya is highly motivated in creating brand awareness and supporting our business partners by making an extensive fleet of vehicle assets available for any activation event. Customers can have the Kapoya Brand Ambassadors sampling product accompanied by a mobile DJ truck, a Ford 650 "mega-pickup", LED Trucks, Spot Light trailer and a fleet of branded vehicles from Mercedes Sprinters to Ford vans with surf boards on top.

Mike's flair for promotion from his vast experience in entertainment and promotion make Kapoya Premium Energy Drinks one of the most dynamic brands around.

Kapoya Energy Drink Brochure
Kapoya Energy Mango PassionFruit Kapoya Energy Wild Grape Kapoya Energy Blue Raspberry Kapoya Energy Pink Lemonade

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